Fundación Cibervoluntarios (Spain)

Fundación Cibervoluntarios is a pioneering organization in technological volunteering, whose objective is to alleviate social gaps, generate social innovation and citizen empowerment, promote Human Rights and the achievement of the 2030 Agenda, through the social use of ICT. Since 2001, Fundación Cibervoluntarios has been fostering and developing programs focusing on digital transformation with social impact, expanding the rights, opportunities and capacities of thousands of persons in a situation of digital vulnerability, through the use and knowledge of all kinds of technological tools and digital skills. To achieve this, the Foundation works with a network of more than 1,900 cybervolunteers and collaborates with more than 900 national and international entities and organizations. Through their activities they reach 60,000 people annually. A trajectory that has been recognized by the Financial Times as one of the 100 entities leading Digital Transformation in Europe and more recently by FORBES Magazine as one of the ”Other 100 Greatest Fortunes in Spain”.

Synthesis (Cyprus)

With nearly 20 years of experience in eu projects, SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Ltd is a pioneering organisation which initiates and implements projects of positive social impact, with a focus on social inclusion, particularly to integrate and empower the vulnerable groups, including the aging population, through active participation based in non-formal education methods, face to face and technology-enhanced learning. SYNTHESIS is one of the leading institutions in the country in the fields of social entrepreneurship and social innovation. It founded and manages HUB NICOSIA, an educational centre and a community of organisations with cultural and social aims. It also runs the SOCIAL CAFE, a unique initiative aiming at the empowerment of migrants and refugees.

SYNTHESIS research interests are primarily the fields of social inclusion, social innovation, social entrepreneurship, lifelong and technology-enhanced learning through non-formal education methods. SYNTHESIS is also an accredited VET and adult education / training provider, delivering entrepreneurial and soft skills training programmes, particularly to people at risk of social exclusion, including youth and the ageing population. Our learning programmes aim to empower learners so they can live fuller and productive lives, as well as enhance social cohesion. SYNTHESIS was the first Cypriot organisation to lead an adult learning project back in 2003.

Age & Opportunity (Ireland)

We are Age & Opportunity, the national organisation in Ireland that provides a range of opportunities for older people who want to get more involved in arts and culture, sport and physical activity, civic engagement and personal development. Our aim is to inspire people aged 50+ to live a dynamic life in which they are more active, more visible, more creative and more connected.

Rural Women National Association (Romania)

Rural Women National Association (ANFMR Romania) is a non -profit, non- governmental organization, founded in 1997.It has 15 branches all over Romania. Our members represent a rich range of economic,social,educational levels, living and working in rural areas. RWNA mission is to ensure equal chances with other social categories and to support a real social protection for its members. The association militates for rural women’s rights and the acknowledgement of their role in the local community. That is why it encourages its members initiatives and entrepreneurship aiming women’s social and economic integration and independence. To reach these goals, RWNA has initiated:

  • RESEARCH WORK to promote old techniques/recipes and turn them into successful business; support partner rural schools to draft their educational strategy according to the needs of the local labour market.
  • STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS with local/regional/national or EU partners (Erasmus + and Europe for Citizen, mainly).

Vienna Association of Education Volunteers (Austria)

Vienna Association of Education Volunteers (VAEV) is a non-governmental organization, based in Vienna, Austria, formed by a community of passionate advocates committed to developing sustainable solutions to improve education and learning processes by conducting research, participating in projects and promoting innovation. Through continuous interaction of cross border collaboration, VAEV develops and delivers programmes in the form of community based activities to empower people, advocate for policy change and advance and strengthen access to quality education and learning opportunities for the most vulnerable groups.

Our members are change makers that strive to create lasting solutions that improve education and learning by promoting collaborative partnerships to share their expertise, insight, resources and best practices, undertake a number of activities and projects that contribute to the development of inclusive, equitable and quality education, and stimulate lifelong learning opportunities, specially for youth, seniors, people with disabilities, minority groups, and those living in areas of high social deprivation. These mutual- learning activities involve a wide range of issues and vary from different physical and digital activities, group work, volunteering opportunities, as well as capacity building activities related to diverse areas of education, employability skills and personal development that build a foundation for the future and bridge the gender and generational gaps.